Battery Bikes Offer All Terrain Without The Pain

Battery Bikes Offer All Terrain Without The Pain

Want to know how battery bikes offer all terrain without the pain? Maybe you want to stay fit and do your part for the environment, but you certainly don’t want to be known as the sweaty guy who rides his bike to the office every day.

Relax, and become one of the millions of people who hop on bikes with a battery instead. They give you all the benefits of traditional bicycles, and much more.

The bikes don’t stink…and neither will you.

Bikes powered by a battery are perfect for commuting. Pedal as much—or as little—as you want, and arrive at work without even breaking a sweat. Same goes for the ride home: you won’t need a shower to freshen up before dinner. And you can still feel good about your commute, because they don’t pollute like cars. By choosing electric bikes, people can be green, and stay clean!

You’ll get more exercise. Really.

Hey, we all have the best of intentions. But honestly, do you use your “normal” bike as much as you thought you would when you first bought it? Studies show that 30% of traditional bicycles are used just a few times a month—or less. Owners of battery bikes are much more likely to use them, with more than 30% reporting that they ride them every day. Because people use them more frequently, they get more fitness benefits. Some doctors even recommend battery-powered bikes instead of normal ones for people who need exercise and rehabilitation, but aren’t up to the physical demands of regular cycling.

Get all-terrain without the pain.

So your friends want to go biking, but their idea of a hill looks more like K2 to you. With power-assisted pedaling, you won’t need to be a triathlete to tackle difficult terrain. Bikes with batteries by Zoco can even ascend slopes as steep as 30 degrees. You’ll really appreciate the extra boost when riding into headwinds, or carrying groceries and other loads.

Rapid transit.

An experienced cyclist on a normal bike might average 32kph. On electric bikes, riders reach the same speed, comfortably, with minimal peddling required. You can get around much more quickly, without the leg-power of Lance Armstrong. Heading into downtown traffic? Laugh at the frustrated drivers stalled in congested areas as you maneuver past them—and use your e-bike’s throttle just to rub it in.

A fun product and a good investment.

Riding bikes with a battery like Zoco’s Aventi and Rosso models is easier, faster, and more convenient than riding traditional bikes. Upfront, they might cost a little more than some of their more traditional bicycle counterparts. But it doesn’t take long to figure out that electric bikes provide a happy medium between travel by car and travel by normal bikes. You won’t spend a dime on gas or insurance, like you would on a car. The cost to maintain them is no more than upkeep on traditional bikes, but they maintain a much higher resale value. Choose battery bikes, and you choose a lifestyle—one that’s not just convenient and fun, but good for you and for the planet.

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