Your Great-Great Grandfathers Rode Bikes With Motors

Bikes With Motors: The History & Today’s Features

Believe it or not, those cool bikes with motors you see zipping through the city every day have been around since the days of your great-great grandparents.

The History of Powered Bicycles

The word “bicycle” first appeared in print in 1868, and not long after that, people started attaching motors to the pedal bikes that had grown so popular in the previous decades. More than 100 years ago, a man crossed America on an electric bicycle. At about the same time, in 1902, an award-winning Australian cyclist opened the doors to Malvern Star Cycles, near Melbourne. Though Tom Finnigan retired from his shop in 1920, the small endeavor he began eventually boasted more than 100 stores and a thousand dealers across Australia.

Malvern Star would become synonymous with bicycles in Australia. During the World-War II era, Malvern manufactured its Autocycle. Like similar electric bikes in America and Europe, the Autocycle grew popular because of rationed fuel and a shortage of cars. The Malvern Star Autocycle and its counterparts literally paved the way for the electric bikes you see now.

Why Ride Bikes With Motors Today?

People today ride motorised bikes for reasons that aren’t all that different than the reasons people rode them ages ago. Though gas isn’t rationed, it’s more expensive than ever. And rather than suffering from a shortage of vehicles on the roads, we have far too many, especially in urban areas.

Save gas money and forget about traffic!

With that being said, why spend money on gas and get caught in traffic just to travel a short distance? Wouldn’t it make more sense to save the money, get there faster, and live a healthier life doing it?

Put it on autopilot, if you want

You see, the beautiful thing about electric bicycles is the fact that you can put it on autopilot when you want, or get a hardcore workout when you want. Either way, it is up to you. If you are just out for a Sunday stroll through the park or want to go site-seeing, then just use the accelerator and relax. If you want to get the adrenaline flowing and burn some extra calories, then forget about the motor part. Just pedal your heart out. You can turn it on and off whenever you feel like it.

Commuters and city dwellers choose electric bikes to save money, and save time. Plug the bicycles in overnight, and they’re ready in the morning when you are. You’ll avoid traffic jams, and you won’t be a sweaty mess when you arrive at the office.

Features To Look For In Motored Bikes

Here’s a quick checklist of features to consider when you’re looking at electric bikes:

  • Speed: How fast will it go? Does the bike offer different levels of power assistance to give you a boost when you need it, and let you do the work when you want some exercise?
  • Range: How far will the bike carry you on a single charge? What if the terrain’s hilly, or if you use the throttle extensively?
  • Motor: Look at the size of the bike’s motor, and also check out how much torque it creates. Bikes with 200W motors can have as much torque as bikes with much more powerful (and not street-legal) motors.

Zoco’s bikes with motors create almost 300% more torque than other e-bikes because of a unique central drive system. For riders, that means they can go faster, and climb steeper terrain more easily. Stop by Zoco’s blog now for more tips on how to choose a motor bicycle.

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