Should you Buy Electric Bicycle Kits?

Should you Buy Electric Bicycle Kits?

If you own a bike and love riding it, you have probably thought it would be cool to have a motor on it. Well, such an option is available on the market today. Let’s discuss whether or not it is worth buying electric bicycle kits for modernizing your bike, or would it be better to purchase a factory made electric bike?

Is Your Electric Bike Worth it?

You probably won’t get to read about this on websites selling electric bike kits, but not every bike is worth converting to an electric bike. Since the bicycle kits aren’t usually cheap, the first thing you should consider, is your bike worth installing an electric bicycle kit? For instance, if your bike isn’t really new, has an inferior break system, or is made from heavy materials, its probably not worth it.

Let’s Elaborate on this a bit more.

The first argument is pretty simple – if your bike was worth $200 3 years ago, it would probably be strange to put a conversion kit on it for $1000-$1500. That is about how much you will pay for a good quality conversion kit, and this is not the top price at all.

The brake system part is also pretty easy – every bike has a brake system that is compatible and comparable to its performance. Your brake might not be fit for the power of your electric motor. Something you want the least is a brake failure or a long braking distance when you are riding at a top speed, which is potentially highly dangerous for yours and others health and safety.

And of course the weight of your bike, if your bike’s frame is pretty heavy itself, for instance made from heavy metals or composites instead of much lighter aluminum or some other light metal, adding another 7-10kgs of extra weight to it might not only make your bike impossible to carry but also affect its performance. So for instance, you will have to put a higher power motor on it, which isn’t only more pricy, but also illegal in some countries.

Well, all of the above mentioned factors probably aren’t that important if you are looking to have electric bike for the sake of having it. But if you want something that you will enjoy riding and be pleased with its performance you should probably consider all of the above.

Prices and Quality of E-bike Kits

As mentioned above, e-bike kits aren’t cheap and as with any other product you buy, you have to pay for the quality. Buying a cheap electric bike kit might be a waste of time and money or both. First of all not everyone can install it without the help and support of the manufacturer, and simply you might get something that’s incompatible with your bicycle at all.

Also you might not get the stated performance or features, and of course most definitely they will break down or fail more frequently. For high quality electric bicycle conversion kits you might pay somewhere between $1000 and $2000 depending what you are looking for and what is your budget.

So, should you buy one?

Considering all the issues and the prices above, it would be best to go for a factory made electric bike. This should save you the pain in the neck and even some extra money!

For example, buying a Zoco Electric Bike, you will get a high performance and highly intelligent electric bike. It will even exceed your expectations and it costs less than most comparable electric bicycle conversion kits!

You can even ride and feel them before you buy, so why wait until tomorrow? Schedule a test ride today!

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