How to Choose A Motor Bicycle

How to Choose a Motor Bicycle

It has two wheels, and it’s powered by a motor—but it’s not a motorcycle. It’s not a moped or a scooter, either. It’s a motor bicycle, and if you’re like millions of people around the world, you’re thinking about buying one.

The benefits of riding an e-bike are almost too numerous to mention. If you live in a crowded urban center, you can scoot through traffic with ease. You don’t have to spend a dime on gas, and you can recharge its battery overnight at your home and during the day while you’re at work. If you tend to cycle with people who are, let’s just say, more athletic than you are, a motorised bike makes it easy for you to keep up. And if you live in a place with hilly terrain, an electric bike will give you the boost you need to climb (nearly) every mountain.

Which one is the best?

There are lots of motor bicycles out there, and each one seems to tout its superiority louder than the next. How can you tune down the volume, and find the right electric bike for you?

Consider these questions and features when shopping for a motor bicycle:

How fast and how far can a motor bicycle go?

Motor and speed matter. Make sure you get the most bang for your buck…but keep it legal! Depending on where you live and plan to ride, there are jurisdictional limits to how powerful a bicycle’s motor can be. In Australia, 200 watts is the max. That doesn’t mean you can’t make like Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider. When you choose a battery bike with more torque, there’s almost no limit to how fast you can go. For instance, e-bikes from Zoco have a unique system that increases the torque created by the motor. We’re not talking about a little bit more torque—with a Zoco bike motor, you’ll see a 286% increase. Riding one of them is like riding a bike with a 500W motor.

Evaluate the bike’s range, battery and charger. Electric bikes are most useful in urban settings, or for certain tasks, like running errands or commuting to work. You’ll want to choose a bike that can go for 30-40 km on a single charge, and one that you can plug into any standard power outlet for ease of recharging.

Is it easy and comfortable to ride?

Some bikes offer power control. Choose one that lets you decide whether or not you want to pedal, and how much help you’d like to get to where you’re going. Some pedelec systems can sense whether or not a rider needs assistance, and offer different levels of power. Look for an electric bike that offers low, medium, and high levels of motor assistance, as well as a throttle-only option.

Look “under the hood”

Check out how the bike changes gears. If you ride a regular bike, you know that the quality of its derailleurs determines how smooth the shifting process is. Advancements in motorised bicycles replaces this drivetrain technology, transmitting mechanical power with spheres instead of with changing gears. Zoco uses a proprietary transmission to improve shifting. While shifting, you won’t hear a sound… but you’ll be able to feel it more directly. You won’t ever miss a shift or drop a gear, but you won’t have to exert as much effort…and you can even see a rider climb up a hill on its shifter display.

Check out the bike’s suspension and frame

Look at the both the bike’s suspension and frame design. Cover your ass! For the sake of your behind, choose an electric bike that has both front and rear suspension. It will keep you comfortable, even if you go off-road. Elegant ladies might want to consider the Aventi bike by Zoco. It features a step-through design, so you can always ride in style, even if you’re wearing a pencil skirt.

Motored bicycles keep evolving

As motor bicycles gain more traction throughout the world, the technology behind them will continue to improve, and the cost to purchase one will decrease. Potential riders will have more styles and options to choose from…and reliable vendors like Zoco will offer models that perfectly suit their needs.

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