Hybrid Bikes: Easy Riders

Hybrid Bikes: Easy Riders

Hybrid bikes marry old-fashioned pedaling with power-assisted technology…giving birth to a new generation of cycles that make the best of both generations.

What are the advantages?

If David Letterman did a Top Ten list of why hybrid bikes are better than traditional ones, he wouldn’t have a hard time coming up with the reasons. With gas prices soaring, people can save scads of money by riding a hybrid bicycle instead of driving a car. Out of shape? Not a problem if you’re riding an electric hybrid bike. You’ll keep up with your friends who are more fit…and you might even pass them by when you apply the throttle.

As Letterman counts up his list, he’ll surely end with this: “You won’t be a hot, stinking mess.” Battery bikes make it easy to scoot through traffic on the way to work, so you won’t even break a sweat before you arrive at your office in the morning. You’ll be clean, and no matter its color, your electric bike will scream “green.” The guys will envy you, and the single ladies will all want to know whether you have a girlfriend who rides beside you.

What are the downsides?

The weather matters when you’re riding a hybrid or a traditional bike. If it’s wet, or hot, or cold, you’ll definitely feel the effects, and probably decide to drive or take public transit instead.

You’ll want to know the range of your e-bike. Make sure you charge it overnight, and find power outlets either at your destination or en route to recharge when needed. Weight is another factor, as e-bikes are heavier than regular bicycles. Before you ride one to work, find out whether there’s a safe place to lock it up outside, or an elevator in your office to easily move it indoors. Here’s a tip: Try lifting a hybrid bike before you buy it. Because you may need to put it into a car or attach it to a rack, you should find out whether it’s too freaking heavy to lift on your own.

How To Choose Awesome Hybrid Bicycles

Before you decide which hybrid bicycle to purchase, consider how you will use it. Do you plan to leave your car in the garage, and ride the bike when running short errands? Will you commute to work on it, rather than walking, driving, or taking public transport? Or will you ride it purely for recreation, across terrain you know well? Understanding your needs will help you pick a hybrid bike that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Visit our how to choose a motor bicycle article for more information.

If you’re going to buy a hybrid bicycle, take a few test drives first. You’ll quickly find out which models are the most comfortable. Ask the salesperson how far and how fast the hybrid can go. You’ll want to know its range in every situation: when pedaling without battery assist; when you need an extra “boost” to make it up and down hilly terrain; and when you’re relying entirely on the bike’s battery to get you where you’re going.

Take Zoco Bikes On A Test Drive Today!

Zoco makes some of the most popular hybrid bikes in Australia. Even though they boast almost 300% more torque than the competition, they’re still considered just bicycles…so you won’t need a license or registration to ride one anywhere in Australia. Email Zoco today to schedule test rides: sales@zocoelectricbike.com.au

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