Central Drive System

ZOCO Central Drive System vs Hub Motor

Check out Zoco E-Bike RPM

ZOCO Electric Bikes incorporate a Patented Central Drive System which increases the torque created by the motor. The high speed brush less motor turns at approx 1500 RPM, the speed is then reduced down to approx 65RPM at the crank, after it has passed through our Patented two level Reducer. The Shimano Alfine 11 internal hub gears then transfers this torque to the rear wheel, and also allows you to adjust the torque, just like normal gears, but smoother and with less hassle.

Hub motors are not as efficient; the hub motor is located in the centre of the front or real wheel so the torque of the motor cannot be increased. If you look at the graph on the left, you can see the comparison between the hub motor and the ZOCO Central Drive System. By riding an ZOCO Electric bike, you gain 286% more torque than a Hub motor Electric Bike.


Check out Zoco E-Bike Torque

As you can now see on the chart, the 250W ZOCO Central Drive unit produces as much torque as a 500W hub motor. Considering that a 250W motor is the max legal wattage allowed on Australia roads at the moment, the ZOCO Electric bike easily out performs it’s competition.



This extra torque from the ZOCO Central drive system allows the ZOCO Electric bike to climb steep hills with up to 25 – 28 degrees of slope; the Hub-Type E-Bikes can only climb up to 8 Degrees of Slope (all figures based on pedal assist mode (PAS).

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Low and Central Weight Point

Conventional electric bikes have the motor built into the wheel, either in the front or rear wheel, which affects the balance of the bike. Our ZOCO Central Drive System is a mid mounted system, so the weight is easily distributed around the frame. It drives like a normal bike, which is especially important at higher speeds.

No resistant Force

The ZOCO Central Drive System has a one way bearing built into the external part of the reducer; if the power is off then no resistant force will be felt from the motor when pedalling the bike. Hub-Motors cannot compensate for the resistant force resulting in extra strain on the rider.

Intelligent Control System

Using an optical function, the motor will engage when the rider begins pedalling and will disengage as soon as pedalling ceases. The motor also disengages when the brakes are applied, another important safety feature.
This unique system allows the operator to conserve energy and also ensures the extra long battery life.
The rider can also use the throttle to power the bike; no pedalling is required due to the inbuilt freewheel on the outside of the reducer, so your feet can remain stationary while using the throttle.

Very Safe Design

ZOCO Electric bikes include have a current limit control, temp limit control, overcharge and over discharge protection; protection for both the operator and the Electric bike itself with plenty of safety features.

No Licence Required

As the Rated Output of the motor is no more than 250W, the ZOCO Electric Bike is classed as a pedal assisted bicycle by ALL Australian States – and therefore NO Licence or Registration is required.

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