E-Bikes That Actually Last

E-Bikes That Actually Last

When buying an e-bike, quality matters. It’s the difference between a bike that will stand the test of time and a piece of crap that’ll break down in a month.

You can find cheap e-bikes all over the Internet. Go ahead and buy one. Save yourself a few bucks.

When you take your first ride, you might be surprised to find that something so heavy can feel so cheap at the same time. You’ve already mapped out your first off-road trip, but do you dare venture out of city limits, beyond the reach of cell phone towers?

Buy A Cheap Electric Bicycle Online Today!

Go ahead and buy that cheap e-bike online, without researching any of its parts or features first. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

Wrong. Try remembering that chump-change you saved when you end up alone on the side of the road. Now try thumbing a ride all the way back home with a useless, broken-down, hundred-pound electric bike in tow…

Maybe you should have spent a little more time evaluating different e-bikes before you threw your money away on one that doesn’t even offer a warranty!

You Won’t Regret Buying A Zoco E-Bike

Zoco’s electric bicycles are made from world-class materials and parts. They’re so durable that a team riding Zoco bikes is literally taking on the world in a 5000km ride to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.

Zoco bikes can go the distance, even over muddy potholes and through heavy traffic. They’re made to last, under the most challenging road conditions.

No Heavy Metal Hell

Both Zoco’s bike models have aluminum alloy frames. Aluminum alloys weigh about a third less than other metals that are used to make e-bikes, and they resist corrosion.

Buy an electric bike made of steel, and you won’t be able to go as fast or as far as you can go on a Zoco, because the damn thing’s too heavy!

Just how fast and how far can you ride on a Zoco? One rider says that he’s been “averaging 21kph with the batteries lasting over 100km without recharging.” That means on a single charge, he covers 62 miles, at an average speed of more than 13 mph…on rough terrain!

Zoco riders can safely maintain much higher speeds, and comfortably ride at 32kph/20mph. Other bikes max out at 25kph/14mph, and can only go 15 to 25 miles on a battery charge.

Forget Rock And Roll

Zoco’s an easy rider…it can handle even the rockiest of roads, thanks to its RockShox suspension. RockShox began manufacturing suspension systems for bicycles in 1989, and the company helped develop mountain bikes.

Zoco e-bikes use the tested RockShox XC 28 TK 100mm suspension fork to guarantee smooth, predictable performance on rough terrain.

Kick It Into A New Gear…

Compared to other e-bikes, Zoco’s transmission is nothing short of revolutionary…literally. It incorporates the award-winning Continuously Variable Planetary 360 degree drive-train technology from NuVinci, which uses spheres instead of gears to transmit mechanical power.

“This transmission is oh-so-smooth and dead quiet. No waiting for gear changes or getting stuck in between gears; the continuously variable transmission lets me dial in the gearing exactly.”

On a Zoco, shifting is as easy as turning up the volume on a radio!

“I purchased a new bike that came with N360 CVP,” says one happy rider. “Best ‘gear’ mechanism I ever used…continuously variable ratio with a simple twist of the handle. It can go from low ratio to high in one twist whether moving or stationary. Unit has never missed a beat. No skips or hiccups of any kind.”

Then Torque It To A New Level

Zoco e-bikes have almost 300% more torque than some of the best e-bikes on the market, because they use a unique central drive system instead of a hub motor.

Zoco’s central drive system increases the torque that its bike motors generate to a game-changing 109Nm (Newton meters). What’s that mean? Super-charged performance: performance that effectively makes Zoco’s 200W central-drive motor equal to that of a 500W hub motor.

Consider this: one popular e-bike for sale on the Internet is rated at just 4.479Nm (versus Zoco’s 109Nm!).

Tired But True

Safety matters when it comes to tires, too. Zoco e-bikes feature tires by Kenda, a company that’s been in the business of making innovative tires for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and ATVs since 1962.

Kenda’s been manufacturing tires since JFK was president! Shouldn’t you trust an e-bike with tires that have 50 years of testing more than one that’s history starts with the Obama administration?

You Can Get Satisfaction

Unlike many e-bike companies, Zoco offers a one-year warranty on its models. Zoco provides this guarantee because it believes in its products!

“For years I’ve been saying I’ll start riding to work, but there are steep hills at the start of the ride home, which is very off-putting at the end of a busy day. Not anymore!”

With Zoco, you get an e-bike with patented and unique technology coupled with brand name, industry-leading parts and materials. You get an e-bike bike that delivers. You get an e-bike that you want to ride!

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