Q: What is the total weight of the bike?

A: 28kg with battery and 24kg without the battery.

Q: Can the battery be removed?

A: Yes the battery has a lock and key and can be removed in 10 seconds.

Q: Does the bike arrive assembled?

A: The bike arrives almost 100% assembled. You will need to insert the handlebars (allen key supplied), insert the front wheel (quick release nuts), insert the front mudguard (allen key supplied) and screw the pedals on.

Q: What is the charging time of the bike?

A: 4-6 hours is the full charge time.

Q: Can the battery be charged while on the bike?

A: Yes, absolutely, it can be charged while attached to the bike, or it
can be removed and charged.

Q: Do you sell the bikes with a bigger motor than 250W?

A: The maximum allowable power for motor assisted pedal bikes in Australia is 250W, but yes we do sell an awesome 500W bike here.

Q: How much is a new battery?

A: $389.95 delivered for a new 10AH battery and $579.95 delivered for a 15ah battery – you can purchase a spare battery here.

Q: Does the bike need servicing?

A: There is no more servicing than a standard pedal bike. All of the electrics are sealed so no maintenance is required over and above a standard bike.

Q: Can I test ride the bike?

A: We are a 100% online business, therefore we do not pay agents or sell via retail outlets. Our business model is very lean which is why we can offer our wonderful product at this ridiculous price for now.

We offer Test Rides in Sydney and Maroochydore, so you can call in and see us for a test ride – visit our Test Ride page to find out more.




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