New ZOCO 250W Electric Bikes

The Federal Government approved the new legislation in May 2012, after all the states agreed to support this new law once approved. Its now a matter for each state to individually sign off on the legislation. So far as of Sept 2013, VIC, NSW, ACT and QLD have signed off with the rest of the states following shortly.

The new rules state -

  • The bike must be speed limited to 25kph
  • The throttle must be limited to 6kph

In regards to the throttle, 6kph is not technically workable, as 6kph is achieved as soon as you turn the throttle, so our bikes are no longer fitted with a throttle.

In the event that you are planning to ride your bike offroad, then you have the option to disable the speed limiter, and add a throttle yourself. We will send you a throttle free of charge on request, along with easy instructions on how to fit the throttle.

We also still have some 200W ZOCO AVENTI Electric Bikes in stock here.

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