Friday, October 12th, 2012

So Far so Good….

The team are making good progress through Thailand with everything still on schedule. Mark recently reported that he had a derailleur issue on his bike. Mark is the only one in the team who is doing the 5000km ride on a non electric bike; he is using his 30 year old Apollo bike on the trip and doing very well.


Nothing major to report on the ZOCO Electric Bikes in regards to repairs as yet. They are getting a big work out so far as the roads are dirty and covered in mid and potholes.


Walter did report that his bike is faster than the other two, but after closer inspection we found that Walters bike has a 16T rear cog, and the other two bikes have an 18T rear cog. This will make Walters bike faster on the flat, but then other two will climb slighter better on the hills. We recently updated all of our bikes to 18T rear cogs so Walter received an earlier bike while the other two bikes were sent later with the 18T rear cogs – that explains it!


Below, the team head for the “Hot Spring” to relax their tired bodies.




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