Zoco Rossa

ZOCO ROSSA – The Ultimate Electric Bicycle

We have new stock arriving this month – dispatch for all new ROSSA bikes will be 17th December 2012 – Pre Order your ROSSA now so that you dont miss out before Xmas.

The ZOCO ROSSA is our very popular and best selling Electric Bicycle. The ROSSA has front and rear suspension which is perfect for retaining your comfort even when riding off road as the rear suspension takes care of all those bumps. The ROSSA is suitable for both on and off road, and comes is white only.

The specifications are both identical for the ZOCO ROSSA and ZOCO AVENTI. To view detail specifications for the ZOCO ROSSA please click here ZOCO SPECIFICATIONS

  • Check out Rossa electric bicycle
  • Check out Rossa electric bike
  • Check out Nuvinci N360 CVP
  • Have a look at Nuvinci Shifter
  • A glance of Zoco Electric Bike Control Panel
  • Zoco Electric Bike Disc Breaks from Rear
  • Zoco Electric Bike Disc Breaks from Front
  • Zoco EBike fork
  • Another view of Zoco Electric Bike fork
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